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Playground Cleaning Service Cambridgeshire & East Anglia


At Prestige External Cleaning we can restore the look of your playground back to a state resembling initial installation.   


First, we pressure wash the playground surface using our rotary cleaner and hot water, then we apply a method known as soft-washing.  This is where a specially blended cleaning chemical is applied, allowed a short duration after application to kill off any remaining moss, algae or lichen, after which the whole area is thoroughly rinsed down, leaving your playground surface bright and clean.


Our van is completely self-contained with the equipment we need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We carry our own water and have approved access to the local water stand-pipes (to ensure that we don’t run out).  Additionally, we have our own generator, hot pressure washer and chemicals. Signage, cones and barrier tape are placed around the job to define the site under cleaning and to keep anyone from entering the work area.


We also understand that a cleaning job like this is best suited to when children are less likely to be using the play area, and so we are happy to be flexible and work with you to determine what would be a suitable time. 


Our company is fully insured, and our Health and Safety Policy, Method Statement, Risk and COSHH assessments are available to our customers on request.


If you are a council, estate management company, school or nursery, please contact us today for a free, no obligation site visit and quotation.

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