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We use a price per square meter when pricing a driveway, patio or decking job.


The other main factor in how we price is how long we think the job may take and how awkward the job may be, i.e., access issues, the distance we have to travel etc.


For graffiti removal we go on how long the job may take, how much graffiti removal chemical we may need and the distance to the job 

We feel our pricing is very competitive for the service we offer, see below the starting prices

For all services except roof cleaning, we charge a minimum of £200   


Roof cleaning prices start from £500.00   


Re-pointing is charged at £15.00 per square meter (does not include cleaning)

Re-bedding slabs is charged at £15.00 - £60.00 per slab, depending on size.


For garden furniture we normally charge between £7.50-£20.00 per item depending on the size. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the furniture cleaning service on its own as it is not cost effective to do so.  We charge for this service in conjunction with another job, for example along side a driveway clean or patio clean. 

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