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Patio Cleaning Service Cambridge

Interested in how we can rejuvenate your patio? Please watch our YouTube video to get an idea of what to expect if we came and worked for you!

In this video we carry out a full re-furbishment of this patio, we cover every service we offer in regards to patios. Some of it may not be relevant to the service you require, so please feel free to fast forward or rewind to the part of the job that interests you the most.

At Prestige, we clean all types of patio, from Indian sandstone to concrete flagstones, to crazy paving. We use high power industrial strength pressure washers and rotary cleaners, enabling us to clean patio’s in half the time it would take someone doing it themselves with a domestic pressure washer, and due to the power of our machines the results are far superior.


When we go to a customer’s residence to price patio cleaning work, we commonly find that there is mortar missing from the joints (pointing).   You should be aware that it is highly likely that when pressure washing a patio with pointing, you are going to lose some of the mortar.   It is quite unavoidable, even with a less powerful, domestic pressure washer.  Of course if you have strong, well applied, undamaged pointing, there should be little or no effect. 


We can replace any pointing that may be lost or is already missing, please read our patio re-pointing and pricing pages for more information.

If you have any patio furniture that is in need of a thorough clean, please ask, we can carry this out while we clean your patio. Please read our garden furniture cleaning page for more info and pricing.


So If you’re looking for a professional patio cleaning service Cambridge then please give us a call on 01223 902188  or send us an email to for a no obligation FREE quote.

If you're looking for a patio cleaning service near you, you can also contact us via WhatsApp on 07425 172285


"We cannot have been more pleased with how our patio looks after Nick completed his cleaning, black spot removal and re-pointing. Nick was extremely professional, thorough and left no mess whatsoever after he finished. Without doubt I will be recommending his services to our friends"

Extra Patio Services

Patio Black Spot Treatment

Patio Re-pointing

Patio Repairs


If your patio is suffering with black spot lichen growth, we can help. Unfortunately, most of the time, not even our commercial grade pressure washers can remove these spots . We are able to eradicate at least 95% of this growth using a cleaning method known as soft-washing. We use specially formulated chemicals to remove these dreaded black spots, removing the spots, without killing off any grass, plants or bushes in the near vicinity.


We also offer a patio re-pointing service for any patios that lose any pointing (mortar) during the cleaning service.

Please read our patio re-pointing & pricing page for more information on this. 


When cleaning or re-pointing patios, we often come across loose or wobbly slabs. We can re-bed these for you. Firstly we will lift the slab, dig or break out the previous bedding mortar, check the sub-base and replace that if needed, then we re-bed the slab/flag on a fresh, full bed of mortar and re-level the slab. Please read our pricing page more information.

Dirty terracotta patio before cleaning
Terracotta Patio After Cleaning
dirty patio slabs with black spot lichen before cleaning and treatment
Patio slabs after cleaning and black spot treatment
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