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Graffiti Removal Service Cambridge


Unwanted and unauthorized graffiti is an eye sore that should be dealt with as quickly as possible before it attracts the attention of other graffiti “artists” who either want to tag next to, or on top of the existing graffiti.   Graffiti will nearly always attract more graffiti. Any graffiti we are hired to remove will be dealt with within 7 days, and within 24 hours for material that is offensive.


We offer a thorough and effective graffiti removal service throughout Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. All of the chemicals we use are REACH compliant, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.  Low pressure is applied and our cleaning methods do not damage the underlying substrate as the chemicals we employ are approved for use on heritage, listed and historic buildings


Our van is completely self contained and carries it’s own water, chemicals, generator, pressure washer and hot box boiler to heat the water should it be needed – this is everything we need to remove most graffiti, from almost anywhere, at anytime.


Graffiti can be removed from the following surfaces:


Perspex (bus shelters)


Road Signage

Playground Equipment

Utility Boxes




Breeze Block

Pebble Dash




Painted Surfaces


Galvanised Shuttering

Wooden Fencing

We can also clean up paint spillages.


Why not give us a call if you have an issue with graffiti on any of the surfaces listed above. Prestige External Cleaning has full Public Liability insurance and our Health & Safety Policy, Method Statement, Risk and COSHH assessments are available on request.

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