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Render Cleaning Service Cambridge

When render is affected by fungus, lichen or algae growth, the common misconception is simply to have the area re-painted   Unfortunately, this is probably the worst action you can take. 


Render is mainly affected by green algae and moss, yellow lichen, red algae and black fungus/mould.   The staining that results needs to be treated and then cleaned off before any painting can be carried out.  If this isn’t done, then within a year the algae or fungus will start to regrow through the paint. 


In our experience, once the growth has been treated and cleaned, there is rarely a need to re-paint as the surface usually comes up looking good as new. Cleaning render is good maintenance as it is more cost-effective than re-painting.


With our specially formulated cleaning chemicals we can transform the look of your discolored render. The method we use is called soft-washing.  This involves the mixing of specific cleaning chemicals that are blended on site to suit the different types of substrate and staining.   It is then applied with a telescopic pole or lance with low pressure and usually brushed in, although this isn’t always needed.   In some cases, we may need to use our hot water pressure washer on low pressure to remove engrained, stubborn staining.

White render covered in green algae
White render wall after cleaning
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