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Car Park & Drive Thru Cleaning Cambridge

Dirty car park before cleaning
Block paved car park after cleaning
Burger King parking area being pressure washed
Drive Thru being pressure washed

If the car park of your office, retail, or commercial premises is looking tired and neglected, then Prestige can help restore it to its former glory.


We can clean all surface types from tarmac, concrete, and painted concrete to block paving.   Hot water, channelled through pressure washers, and capable of reaching temperatures of up to 150C, ensures a deep and thorough clean of your parking area, and, when hot water isn’t enough, we can use specially formulated chemicals to aid in the cleaning process.


Using a completely self contained van that carries it’s own water, generator, pressure washer, hot box boiler, cleaning chemicals and safety equipment, Prestige can clean and treat the following:


Oil stains

Petrol & Diesel stains

Algae, moss & lichen

Grease & Grime

Tire marks


Chewing gum.


At Prestige, we have approved access to local water standpipes, so that running out of water would not be an issue for us.  Our company is fully insured, and our Health and Safety Policy, Method Statement, Risk and COSHH assessments are available to our customers on request.


Please contact us on 01223 902188 or a free, no obligation quote.

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