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Brick Cleaning Service 


Here at Prestige External Cleaning (PEC) we specialise in cleaning all types of brick to restore them to their former appearance.

We use two different methods to clean brickwork.  The first is low pressure, super-heated water or low pressure media blasting (commonly known as sand blasting).   For organic matter we use super-heated, low pressure water, capable of reaching up to temperatures of 150C to remove organic staining like algae, mould or fungus, or for graffiti and paint removal. Carbon staining cannot be removed by hot water/steam alone

The second method is low-pressure blast media, either wet or dry.  This method removes carbon staining from brickwork.   Different types of blast media are used, from soda to garnet to crushed glass. The type of blast media will be chosen to suit the type of brick on each individual job. Common sand is no longer used to “sand blast” and has been banned, due to the dangers of silicosis


Brick Cleaning Examples Using Low Pressure Blast Media

Brick Cleaning Examples Using Super Heated Water

                                                    CAMBRIDGE WHITES Cleaning Specialists

As we are based in Cambridge, PEC has a lot of experience cleaning “Cambridge Whites”, a beautiful white brick commonly used in the construction of Victorian houses in and around Cambridgeshire.

Over time, especially in more built-up areas, where there is more industrialisation and vehicle traffic, these once beautiful bricks become dull and dirty looking due to carbon staining. Due to the softness of Cambridge Whites, we use extremely low pressure through our portable air compressor and Ibix blasting equipment.

We can also remove a wide range of stains, including fire damage & soot, moss, algae and lichen, carbon deposits, and general grease and grime. 

All our equipment is self-contained on the van, or towed behind us.   We can carry our own water, as well as our own boiler system to heat it, our own generator, cleaning chemicals and safety equipment.


So, if you are having issues or concerns with any stains on your brick-work such as those listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.


Please contact us on 01223 902188 or

More Examples Of Our Work 


"Fantastic job done, brought up our brickwork like new, and made a great job in cleaning up afterwards. Absolutely delighted with the high quality work"

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