Brick Cleaning Service Cambridge

Brickwork halfway through cleaning
Man pressure washing brickwork

Using super heated water capable of reaching up to temperatures of 150C, we can clean your brick work with gentle pressure rather than high pressure cold water that can damage the brick and blast out the pointing (mortar) between them. 


We can also remove a wide range of stains, including fire damage & soot, moss, algae and lichen, carbon deposits, and general grease and grime. 

All our equipment is self-contained on the van.   We can carry our own water, as well as our own boiler system to heat it, our own generator, cleaning chemicals and safety equipment.


So, if you are having issues or concerns with any stains on your brick-work as those listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.


Please contact us on 01223 902188 or


"Fantastic job done, brought up our brickwork like new, and made a great job in cleaning up afterwards. Absolutely delighted with the high quality work"