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Street Paving Cleaning

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With our powerful pressure washers, hot water & steam producing boilers, combined with our reliable Mosmatic rotary cleaners, Prestige External Cleaning can make short work of any street paving cleansing you would like carried out.  Cleaning with our professional equipment quickly and efficiently removes built-up grease and grime, chewing gum, paint/graffiti, as well as unsightly weeds.


The van we use is completely self-contained.  We carry our own water, but have approved access to the local water standpipes (to ensure that we don’t run out), pressure washer, boiler for hot water or steam, cleaning chemicals, wet & dry vacuum, generator for power and safety equipment.  This means that we can offer our cleaning services to the following:

Streets in towns and cities

Supermarket or supermarket express entrances

Coffee shop & café entrances

Retail and store front entrances

Pub, bar and restaurant entrances


Our company is fully insured, vetted and approved by Trading Standards, and our Health and Safety Policy, Method Statement, Risk and COSHH assessments are available to our customers on request.


Please note that street cleaning on public streets or highways requires a permit from the district council.   The permit is given on an individual basis per job, with a fee attached.  We will liaise with the council on your behalf to obtain the permit. Please be advised that this process can slow down when the job can be booked in, and also adds to the cost due to the permit price.  The price for the permit varies from council to council but is usually around £50.


For a free, no obligation quote and to arrange a site visit please call on 01223 902188 or email

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