Chewing Gum Removal Cambridge


Chewing gum on our street paving and public areas is an unpleasant nuisance issue that doesn’t show any sign of going away.


Fact:    Did you know that chewing gum is made using a product called polyisobutylene, which is also used in the manufacture of bicycle inner tubes?  Inner tubes are not biodegradable and are even notoriously difficult to recycle.


Unless the chewing/bubblegum companies invest in the time to make a biodegradable product, this problem is here to stay.


Removing chewing gum from any area can be difficult and problematic without the correct equipment.   Fortunately, here at Prestige External Cleaning we have that equipment.   We use powerful pressure washers attached to hotbox boilers capable of reaching 150c that simply melt and blast away the chewing gum from the pavement.  The chewing gum is loosened, swept up, bagged, and taken away for disposal. 


Please note that removing the chewing gum alone from any area will normally leave clean spots from where it was removed, as the surrounding area is dirty. We can solve this by giving the surrounding area a deep clean with our Mosmatic rotary cleaners.  These cleaners can cope with temperatures up to 120c – thus completely cleaning and sanitising the effected area.


The Prestige van is completely self-contained.  We carry our own water but also have approved access to the local water standpipes (ensuring that we don’t run out).  Prestige has its own generator, wet & dry vacuum, pressure washer and water boiler, safety barriers, cones and equipment and we can offer cleaning services to the following:


Retail & storefront entrances

Coffee shop fronts, including drive-thru

Fast food restaurants, including drive-thru

Streets and paving in towns and city centres

Supermarket approaches and environs, including express entrances

Pubs, including smoking areas

Bar entrances and smoking areas

School & College entrances


Unfortunately, this is a problem that will return in time, especially in high traffic areas. In areas like these, we can provide an ongoing maintenance schedule in which we can return, at intervals, on any recurring date of your choosing.


Our company is fully insured, vetted and approved by Trading Standards and our Health and Safety Policy, Method Statement, Risk and COSHH assessments are available to our customers on request.


For a free, no obligation quote and to arrange a site visit please call on 01223 902188 or email